Restore Your Smile

 Dental crowns & bridges can help you regain the functionality of your teeth without looking like you’ve received any dental work.

All About Crown & Bridgework in Nashville

Have you been considering restoring your smile with a crown or bridge?

If so, the team at Belle Meade Smile Center has you covered. We’ll make sure you receive the best dental care and treatment throughout your whole dental procedure.

Picture a tooth that has excessive fillings. A crown can strengthen this tooth. Your Nashville dentist could also repair a cracked or broken tooth by using a crown. Crowns act by returning a tooth to its default shape and size. For this reason, Dr. Shipp uses crowns as a tool to restore your dental health and smile.

The crowns at our Nashville office are made from porcelain, zirconia, gold, and porcelain fused to metal. We also use ceramic crowns from e.Max.

FAQs About Crowns

FAQs About Dental Bridges