Information on Implant Procedures

From Belle Meade Smile Center

Undergoing dental procedures can be a nerve-wracking process for many. Dr. Shipp and the team at Belle Meade Smile Center want to make the process as stress-free and pleasant as possible, from your initial consultation to your final appointment.

As such, we’ve put together a general overview of the implant procedure so you know what you can expect!

What Happens Before The Implant Procedure?

Prior to getting started, we will conduct an examination to determine if you have cavities or infections in any of your other teeth or if you have gum disease. If so, these things will need to be treated prior to placing implants. It is critical that you start the process in good oral health.

The initial exam and X-rays will also determine if you have sufficient bone density to support dental implants. If you do not, you may need a bone grafting procedure prior to getting started.

How Can I Ease My Nerves?

When you visit our dental office, we can discuss ways that you can prevent experiencing anxiety while receiving dental care. We provide un-medicated remedies for dental anxiety and fear with NuCalm therapy. You can read more about our NuCalm procedure here.

In more drastic cases, we practice sedation dentistry that can be used to reduce and prevent dental anxiety. We will meet with you to discuss the type of sedation that would be best suited for your procedure and the level of dental anxiety that you are experiencing, as well as if you’d prefer NuCalm or traditional sedation medication.

The most common form of sedation is a pill taken one hour before the procedure begins. This pill can help you feel entirely relaxed throughout your procedure so that your dental anxiety is eliminated.

We also have a board-certified dentist in office who can administer IV sedation if needed.

Most procedures like teeth cleaning or fixing a simple cavity are fairly painless so many people do not require medication. However, if you would like pain medication as well, we can give it to you after the sedation has taken effect.

Are There Other Ways to Make the Procedure More Comfortable?

Belle Meade Smile Center uses modern technology like laser dentistry to transform how we complete dental procedures. Lasers allow us to perform practically painless dentistry because the laser energy is fine and can target small spaces without irritating the surrounding tissue. This reduces discomfort and recovery time.

Lasers are less invasive than traditional dental tools which means that there is less bleeding and swelling than there would be otherwise. They can be used to treat tooth decay, gum disease, and in restorative procedures.

If you want a more comfortable experience and to reduce your dental anxiety, we highly recommend visiting our Nashville office to receive laser dentistry. We’ve found that when lasers are used many of our patients no longer need sedation or pain medication because the common factors that create dental anxiety are eliminated.

For example, the noise, heat, and vibration that are traditionally associated with a dental drill are not present when using lasers.

Post-Op Care

Congratulations, you’ve finished the main portion of your treatment! Now to take some time off to let your mouth heal so you can let your new smile shine! Below are answers to some commonly-asked questions we hear from patients all around Nashville: