Prioritize Your Health with Advanced Oral Cancer Screening at Belle Meade Smile Center

Discover the Benefits of OralID Technology

At Belle Meade Smile Center, we offer advanced oral cancer screening with OralID, a cutting-edge technology designed to swiftly and painlessly detect advanced oral cancer. Dr. Ford Gatgens and our team believe in proactive care, and OralID helps us achieve that goal.

Why Choose OralID

OralID utilizes fluorescence light technology to reveal potential issues in the oral tissue, such as oral cancer, pre-cancer, or abnormal lesions. This quick and painless screening allows us to identify problems early, leading to increased survival rates and saved lives.

Oral Cancer

Oral cancer claims a life every hour in the United States, and its incidence rate has been rising over the past six years. Early detection significantly improves recovery chances. While risk factors like smoking and heavy alcohol use increase the likelihood of oral cancer, proactive screening is essential for everyone.

The Screening Process

Contact our Belle Meade, TN, dental office today to schedule your oral cancer screening. The procedure is easy and painless, providing you with essential peace of mind regarding your oral health.

Introducing the F.A.C.T. Oral Health Protocol

To address these trends, Dr. Gatgens has implemented the F.A.C.T. Oral Health Protocol at Belle Meade Smile Center. This protocol, standing for Fluorescence Assessment Cytology Test, employs OralID with fluorescence technology to detect early oral lesions, including oral cancer and HPV.

Benefits of the F.A.C.T. Oral Health Protocol

  1. Proactive Detection: OralID "highlights" irregularities in early stages, invisible with standard visual exams.
  2. CytID™ Test: A liquid-based cytology test helps diagnose lesions and determine the appropriate course of action.
  3. Quick, Painless, and Inexpensive: OralID screening is a convenient and affordable way to stay proactive about your oral health.

Understanding HPV's Role

HPV-16, a version of the human papillomavirus, is responsible for about 60% of oropharyngeal cancer. With the ability to go undetected without symptoms, HPV affects three out of four people at some point in their lives.

Recognizing Oral Cancer's Symptoms

Be vigilant for symptoms such as sores on your gums, oral discolorations, sudden changes like pain or loosening teeth, persistent lumps or bumps, difficulty swallowing, and any unusual oral signs.

Explore Further Dental Services

In addition to advanced oral cancer screening, Belle Meade Smile Center offers dental biopsies for detailed diagnostic examinations. This minimally invasive procedure, often requiring minimal anesthesia and no sutures, ensures quality results with minimal discomfort.

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Choose Belle Meade Smile Center for your advanced oral cancer screening and proactive dental care. Prioritize your health and schedule your screening today!