Unlock the Power of Antioxidants for Your Smile with PerioSciences at Belle Meade Smile Center

Discover the Benefits of PerioSciences Treatments

At Belle Meade Smile Center, we proudly offer PerioSciences products, including AO Pro Rinse, AO Pro Toothpaste, and PerioSciences AO Advantage gel. These revolutionary products are gaining recognition in dental offices across the US for their potent benefits.

Exclusive Dental Office Access

PerioSciences products are not available in stores; you can only find them at dental offices that provide PerioSciences products. At Belle Meade Smile Center in Nashville, TN, Dr. Ford Gatgens and our dedicated team of dental professionals are committed to ensuring you have a healthy and radiant smile

The Power of The Power of Antioxidant-Infused Products:

PerioSciences products are infused with antioxidants, offering numerous advantages for your oral health.

Collaborating With Your Body's Defense System

PerioSciences products work in harmony with your body's natural defense system in the oral cavity. Saliva contains natural antioxidants and antimicrobial agents. The antioxidants in PerioSciences products complement those in saliva, and the polyphenol components work with the saliva's antimicrobial agents, providing a gentle yet powerful boost to the salivary system.

Understanding Antioxidants

Antioxidant-rich oral products neutralize free radicals in your mouth, preventing potential damage to DNA and cell membranes. The body's defense system includes antioxidants like vitamin E, beta-carotene, and vitamin C, which interact with free radicals, safeguarding vital molecules from damage.

PerioSciences Products at Belle Meade Smile Center

Available in gel, rinse formula, and toothpaste, PerioSciences products cater to a range of oral concerns. From sensitive teeth to dry mouth and teeth whitening, these products offer natural solutions without potentially harmful chemicals.

Combatting Bacteria with PerioSciences

Free radicals in the mouth can lead to oxidative stress, potentially harming teeth and gums and causing bad breath. Left untreated, bacteria can contribute to or exacerbate gum disease. PerioSciences products create a healthier oral environment, addressing various concerns such as sensitivity, dry mouth, and teeth whitening.

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At Belle Meade Smile Center, we've noticed an increasing demand for natural toothpaste without harmful chemicals. Our team is here to discuss your oral health concerns and guide you towards products or procedures that promote a healthy, beautiful smile.

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PerioSciences products are exclusively available at Belle Meade Smile Center. Dr. Ford Gatgens and our team prioritize your well-being and strive to create a comfortable dental office equipped with the latest technology and proven products for a healthy, functional, and beautiful smile.

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