Get Relief With Dr. Shipp

At Belle Meade Smile Center, we regularly perform root canal endodontic treatments to remove infections and save your teeth.

Nashville Root Canals

When your tooth becomes infected, that infection can spread into the dental pulp in the center of the tooth. Inside of the dental pulp are highly sensitive nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels.

When the area becomes infected it can be incredibly painful, requiring immediate treatment. We can perform a root canal quickly, effectively, and as painlessly as possible on people living in and around the Nashville area.

If you live in the Nashville area and are currently experiencing tooth pain, we invite you to call (615) 292-4100 to schedule an appointment and see if you need a root canal endodontic treatment.

Dr. Shipp and our skilled team work to keep our patients comfortable throughout the procedure, and are well-versed in performing this common procedure.


How Does the Treatment Work?

A root canal endodontic procedure works by creating a small hole in the tooth so that all of the infected areas can be removed.

The dental pulp is removed, and oftentimes so are the roots. Removing the roots will not harm your mouth, as they are only needed to guide initial growth and feel hot/cold sensations. Removing roots can, however, prevent the further spread of infection, so when it is necessary to remove the roots we promptly do so.

Once the procedure is done, we will clean the area to ensure that the infection is gone. We will typically prescribe antibiotics to ensure that any lingering infection is eliminated.