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Get a Beautiful Smile

Dr. Phillip Shipp and his cosmetic dentistry team have years of experience helping patients from Nashville and the surrounding area discover new, beautiful smiles using modern, painless techniques. Schedule an appointment with our office to learn what we can do for your smile!

Cosmetic Dentist Nashville TN

Clear Aligners

Belle Meade Smile Center offers ClearCorrect aligners for a comfortable and subtle way to straighten your smile.

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Here at Belle Meade Smile Center, we are proud to offer veneers to our Nashville patients who are seeking a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Whether your teeth are worn, stained, or otherwise in need of a shape-up, our veneers can help you find your new smile.

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Cosmetic Dentist Nashville TN
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening

We know that having a bright smile and the confidence it brings changes lives.

You deserve to look and feel your best, and Belle Meade Smile Center is here to whiten your teeth!

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Tooth Fillings

When decay penetrates the surface of your tooth, cavities can severely infect the interior of your tooth, which eventually may require a root canal.

Belle Meade Smile Center offers composite tooth fillings to treat cavities and make your mouth feel great.

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Tooth Colored Fillings

Dental Bonding

At Belle Meade Smile Center, we can complete a dental bonding procedure to restore your damaged teeth or to make aesthetic changes that will improve the appearance of your smile.

This cosmetic dentistry solution is affordable, durable, and long-lasting. It’s also non-invasive, making it an ideal restoration for children and adults who are too busy for alternative procedures like dental veneers and crowns. Dental bonding is a dependable cosmetic dentistry solution.

If you damage your tooth and are searching for a natural-looking restoration, consider restorative bonding. In this procedure, Dr. Shipp applies a tooth-colored resin material to your tooth and shapes the resin until it matches your naturally occurring tooth. We then harden it in place with a special dental light, effectively bonding it to your tooth.

At Belle Meade Smile Center, we will ensure that your smile will look amazing.

Smile Makeovers

If you want a gorgeous smile, call us to ask about a smile makeover. Our team at Belle Meade Smile Center focuses on transforming ordinary smiles into brilliant and stunning works of dental art.

Regardless of how your teeth look today, Dr. Shipp can do everything in his power to improve your smile using a variety of cosmetic dentistry procedures. Patients count on us because we have an unsurpassed reputation for excellence in Nashville and beyond.